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01 March 2010

Allah, you show me the path.

During my facebooking, I knew a new friend named Miyah Syed Ali. He taught me the true and real of Islam.Yes,I'm a Muslim but she made me more impressed even though I knew that.
Miyah Syed Ali: assalam alaykum hanani
Hanani : wassalam .why ustaz?
Miyah Syed Ali: how are you
Hanani: Im fine,thank you.
Miyah Syed Ali: from which part of country you are?
Hanani: how are you ustaz?Im from Malaysia ustaz?
Miyah Syed Ali: are you a student or employee
Hanani: Im still a student
Miyah Syed Ali: what you are studying?
Hanani: are u a teacher?Im study in pure science.
Miyah Syed Ali: assalam alaykum
Hanani: wassalam
Miyah Syed Ali: do you practice Islam or just for name sake
Hanani: Insyaallah I practice Islam
Miyah Syed Ali: that good and you will get reward from allah
Hanani: Insyaallah amin!! 
Miyah Syed Ali: on your profile, dont promote any thing other than Islam, pose good information on Islam so that if non muslim sees they will also get the knowledge.we muslim can only use these friendship website to promote islam, as there is no concept of friendship between male and female in Islam
Hanani: OK ustaz.I will do it:)Insyaallah.ustaz,please correct me if I did wrong.give me advice ustaz
Miyah Syed Ali: ustaz, is arabic name means teacher, why you are telling me
Hanani: If I didn't call you teacher,what is the suitable name to call you?
Miyah Syed Ali: call me brother.we are brother and sister is faith i.e. sister and non muslims are brother and sister in humanity
Hanani:  ohhh i see
Miyah Syed Ali: can I send you islamic articles on your email ID
Hanani: of course:)
Miyah Syed Ali: my email ID is
Hanani: OK brother:)
Miyah Syed Ali: yours
Hanani: I have sent through to receive your article:)
Miyah Syed Ali: thanks presently you are in which country
Hanani: Im from Malaysia
Miyah Syed Ali:  are you studying in malaysia or any other country
Hanani: near Thailand and Singapore.Im studying in Malaysia.My family are here
Miyah Syed Ali: yes, I know, I have lot of friends staying at rajak tun
Hanani: Ohhh.Bandar Tun Razak,Kuala Lumpur.Is that you mean brother?
Miyah Syed Ali: yes
Hanani: ohhh.what does they did here?study?work?
Miyah Syed Ali:172 rajak tun. no malaysian friends
Hanani: they are study or work?
Miyah Syed Ali:they are malaysian nations and met me in USA
Hanani: ohh.Glad to know that
Miyah Syed Ali:in which part you are?
Hanani:I live in Johor.One of the state in Malaysia
Miyah Syed Ali:okay, so now I have multiple friends in 2 part of malaysia
Hanani:Yup.of course brother.Ukhwah fillah!
Miyah Syed Ali:are you doing medical doctor
Hanani:Insyaallah. Im planning for that.pray for me brother:)
Miyah Syed Ali: may allah make you a pious doctor
Hanani:Insyaallah!!!amin ya rabbal alamin. may your doa will be granted by Allah
Miyah Syed Ali:our prophet may peace be upon him told, the best prayer after day prayer is night prayer, get up and supplicate, allah will surely listen, you are young now allah loves those young who get up at night and supplicate to him
Hanani:Insyaallah.later I'll perform solat hajat
Miyah Syed Ali:it not only salat al hajat but salat al tahjud
Hanani:Insyaallah.thanx brother for remind me.:)If I want to perform solat tahajud should I sleep and than wake up to perform tahajud?
Miyah Syed Ali:its from 2 rakat to 12 rakats, no you can select one time and get up daily or weekly as per your convenience
Hanani: Ohhh.Ok
Miyah Syed Ali:daily is better, but daily may make inconvenience for your day study.make as per your convenience
Hanani:Thank you brother!
Miyah Syed Ali:okay, thanks, I have to go now, Insha allah we will chat tomorrow
So,while you are facebooking,you can met some other people in other country as well changing infos.
I met other friend from Japan too:)
Sometimes,agak malu la bila tersalah panggil brother Miyah Syed Ali ni ustaz.I called him 'Ustaz' that the actual meaning in Arabic is teacher.:b

Insyaallah!May Allah gives rahmah to me as well you!

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