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28 February 2010


All this time I was wasting
Hoping you would come around
I've been giving out chances every time,
And all you do is let me down......
You had me falling for you honey
And it never would've gone away

How to tell you ha?
Only God knows everything.

27 February 2010

For u only

Now I realized who I am.
I'm just typing what does my heart said coz its totally hurt inside.
I couldn't stand it anymore.....
Yes,I'm not a perfect person but I'm trying to.
I'm happy to find your link....
My heart wrenched when I read and explored somewhere.
Yeah,there's no more chance for it.
And my gate is closed until it want to accept it AGAIN.....
Nobody can overcome this feeling except YOU.
Somebody asked me to stop thinking about you but it doesn't work.
Let's the heart remain unspoken till the hell freeze.....

My heart is totally hurt and you can't feel the pain....
coz u have someone else better than me.....

Wonder and think;

Im wondering and keep thinking about that....
Hope you'll be in the good mood my dear friend
coz I may not know your probs,,.....

25 February 2010

Let's rock the road!



nah,org kemaruk!
jln2 masuk sekolah, jln2 kat rumah2 orang.
best ok drive ni.
thanx to hazni for taking this pics.
banyak die captured tapi mls nak upload.hahaha.
lama nak tunggu,internet lampi!

ey,doakan test JPJ ye on this 8th March:)

24 February 2010

11 MAC.....................

Result SPM 11 Mac 2010.
Ketakutan ini dah memuncak!

Ya Allah, berilah kejayaan cemerlang kepada ku dan rakan2 ku....
Aku berserah kepadamu Ya Allah...
Insyaallah 10 A.

Debaran sangat terasa setelah menonton berita about result STPM.

23 February 2010

Nah,amik ni.


Aku makan angin kat internet ni.dan terjumpa gambar south zone 2007.terima kasih gmbr ye:)time tu aku baru tingkatan 3.ahah!rindu moment bersama-sama mereka:(
tu je nak btau..

20 February 2010


mood sekarang:aku bosan dengan ini.

kat fb ade org from bangladesh tye aku
are u bangladesh?
nak je aku le*pa*g2 je mamat tu.
muka putih ni kata cam bangla?
aku bukan pati ok.:-(

pastu ramai kwn2 da nak amek test jpj.
tapi aku???
asik kelas drive x abis2.

kebosanan ini sementara je.
lps ni x bosan da.
tidak sabar untuk event tersebut!

next post lepas dpt result SPM laa.
klu rajin aku type la ape yg merepek2.
ahah.utk mengisi masa senggang.huh?!!

13 February 2010

I got a new boyfriend!!!

Hey guys!Meet my new charming boyfriend:)ngee~
Nice looking x?duh!haha.

meet my friend:)

Their uncle.:b hee.

I like this golden word!

Actually we went to "Muzium Buk*t K***n* to visit the place where the heroes of our country fought against enemies.May God bless them...


I'm sooo tired rite now cos I'm just come back from M**r.You know what,yesterday from Hos*ita* S****a* we(abah, Anas,my cousins n my uncle) directed to Ho*pi*ta* M**r to visit my 13 years old cousin,accident.We arrived at 12.30am.You guess what?The time to visit patient was end.Luckily the pak guard was so kind.He gave us to visit my cousin,but not all of us.2 person after another.First,my uncle and his son made their move to the ward which is Ward 5.Then,abah and I made our move.

Did you see the sign?

So,my cousin stayed at ward 5 which is at Level 2. While waiting our turn, I got to see the full vision of hospital,not to say I'm jakun or what.But I'm very impressed when I'm in the hospital.Many times I went to hospital and many times I'm charmed with the surrounding.The doctors,hospital's building and so on.Yes,it's burn my desire to become a doctor.Insyaallah.

For those who may know me, I'm friendly.Right guys? I like to smile to everybody to show my respect to them..No crazy okay?I would 'borak2' with people around me.But sometimes I'm quite shy..
So,I made an interview with the pak guard.:) I asked many questions related to hospital to him.Yeah!Uncle Mohan.I missed you.hahaha.
Uncle Mohan,busy with his works.visitors come in and come out.Pity him.He had to work 12 hours per day not adding with his OT etc.He worked from 7pm-7am.Really tired!But he said,'sudah biasa,nak buat mcm mana'. I'm like a child asking her father.Soooo many questions I asked. But,luckily he wanted to answer all my q.Thanx Uncle! Engrossed in my 'interview session',bla..bla..bla..,suddenly I saw a trolley to cause fright.
What do you think?Is it scary?ohh!It's reminded me about my death.Oh Allah,I'm not ready with that...But,anything can happen.We didn't know when our time will come.... 

Then, I asked uncle....
'Uncle,tu troli mayat ke?mana bilik mayat?'
'Ye,tu troli mayat.Ada pesakit blok sebelah mati.Blok sebelah tu untuk pesakit2 kronik mcm sakit jantung,kencing manis,darah tinggi.Bilik mayat ada kat sebelah bilik oksigen.Tu,dekat situ'
'Oh,Bilik oksigen tu untuk ape?
'Bilik tu utk supply oksigen kat ICU,Dewan Bersalin,Operation Room'
'Uncle,kat sini memang ada orang mati ekh?'
'Selalu.Utk hari ni dari pukul 7 pagi sampai 12 tengah mlm ni dah 5 org mati.'
'Lepas tu uncle,diorang tutup je ke mayat camtu?'
'Lepas tu pegawai kat ward call pegawai bilik mayat untuk ambik mayat gi bilik mayat.Dekat ward tu,mayat da siap bungkus2.Kalau mayat mati mlm,waris nak tuntut mlm tu jugak boleh.Ade jugak pesakit mati mlm esok pagi baru tuntut.Ade yang da siap mandi2 kat sini'

My curiosity level increased as I heard the story about that!I asked again and again....
'Uncle,selalunya ward mana yg byk org mati?'
'Selalunya ward sebelah sebab tu semua pesakit kronik dan ramai pesakit tua.kat situ ade jugak pesakit HIV,TIBI dan AIDS'
'Errr,uncle,kat ward ni ade tak org pernah mati?'
'Ade,ade.Org accident,operate semua ada.Tapi yang banyak ward sebelah la'  
Turn right.This is the path way to go to the ward which Uncle Mohan had explained.Many death here.
Then,we talked and chatted about my studies,his children and bla..bla... till my time to make my move arrived. 
'Okaih Uncle.saya masuk dulu!Nnt jumpa lagi!!'
 My tiring body+face after 2 hours in the car before arrived M**r + my 'not-to beauty' cloth that I wore on that day.Ye la.I like to pick any baju from my wardrobe and wear it as long it covers my whole body.Understood?I'm not the type of choosy person.hahah.:b
Then we made our move to my grand mother's house and we arrived about 3 am.ohhh,very tired and I have to wake up early in the morning.Just imagine!

Opppps,I want to remind myself and you:): 
-Remember that your death will come anytime.So,level up your iman,taqwa and all sorts of amalan in your daily life.
-Focus on your track to become what you want in the future.For me,may my dream to become a doctor and become a good muslimah will be granted.Aminnn.
-Forgive and forget.As we may not know when our time will come..Am I right?

11 February 2010


My teammates have basketball camp in S*F. I'm happy to see my sisters are working hard to get back the title of champion=D Hope they will struggle for it and not to forget their academic too.Btw,Haja is going to JB to see them. Of coz Fitri will join them too coz Fitri's house is near by S*F.But I didn't get permission from my parent to go there,esp from my dad.Mum said,if u want to go ask dad.Mak tak kesah.Oh, how difficult life as a daughter!If I were a boy,duh.Nani,bersyukur,okay?!but I nak main basketball.bukan nak gi mana pun.:(
Alfa is currently in Tioman Island with his brother.For this three women: Fari, Dayah n Shikin, where did u go?I didn't hear any news from three of u.

I miss to play basketball with them,I miss their laugh, I miss the fitness, I miss everything! Oh Allah,give me times to see them again.I miss them every second counted!ohhhhhh!

Kejohanan Olahraga 2010

tadi after driving lesson abah terus jemput direct to sekolah nak tgk sport day.
tapi x sempat.tgk2 tgh penyampaian hadiah.huhuu:( agak sedihhh. rindu sport day sekolah dulu2.haha.
jumpa cikgu2 lama.diorg kata nani kurus,makin cantik,makin putih.hahah.aku nak tergelak saket perut.adakah aku cantik?anda pula?:b
Blue house/ Rahman

Yellow house/ Razak (rumah sukan aku ni kat sek rendah. STF pun Yellow gak a.k.a Mahsuri)

 Yang tu Green house/ Hussein. Yang kanan sekali tu Red house/ Mahathir(Mak aku punya rumah sukan)

ni la hadiah2 tersedia! Aku nak! tapi tak masuk apa2 camna nak dapat kan?haha. 
lain kali boleh dapat!heheh:b 
cuba korang tgk...haha.terkejut x??aku join event lompat jauh.hahahaaha. bukanlaa,tu rekod yang pernah aku buat tahun 2002.takde sape lagi yang dapat pecahkan rekod aku tu.nak dekat 8 thn dah.

10 February 2010

Esok hari khamis

esok petang ada Kejohanan Olahraga Tahunan SK LKTP Kemelah.
tempat aku belajar dulu2,mak mengajar dan adik2 sekolah.

esok petang juga aku ada driving lesson.
hmmm.berhajat mau tengok dorg lari2,bole bagi apakan daya.:(

klu la bole dikerat 2 badan ku ini.heheh.kan senang:b

09 February 2010


There can be miracles, when you believe
Though hope is frail, it's hard to kill
Who knows what miracles you can achieve
When you believe, somehow you will
You will when you believe

tatau knp suka part ni. Mariah Carey,When you believe..


Nani type entry ni pukul 6.27 pagi.ulang suara pagi ok.mlm tadi tido awal nak betulkan life cycle yang da tak betul.Now da bole bgn seawal pagi.Alhamdulillah:) agak tenang sekarang n line x busy sgt. Nani likes this! Jgn lupa buat solat subuh n solat2 sunat ok?

Then check2 la fon, ada messages n missed call. Yg bagi messages tu sori la ,nani suda tido. x sempat nak reply n mls act nak balas.heheh.sori! yg made a phone call tu, num die 'pelik', num oversea.

So,kpd kakak2 senior yg call nani from oversea tu,sori la nani x agkt sebab nani suda tido.missed call pada 1.27 am. Diminta kakak tersebut atau gerangan yg membuat pggilan menggunakan num yg 'pelik' tu dapat menghubungi nani lagi ekh?(demand pulak nani ni).haha.
x dela,mana tau nak bagi tips2 penting kan? by the way,terima kasih banyak2!!!


I'm applied for UPU for 2nd phase gara-gara membaca sebuah akhbar tempatan yang menyatakan bahawa :kira-kira 15 000 permohonan masih belum diterima,walaupun permohonan ditutup 30 Mac.Diminta pemohon membuat permohohan sebelum tarikh tersebut bagi mengelakkan sebarang kesulitan.
Mulalah aku menilik,sudahkah aku membuat permohonan tersebut?ahah!Belum! Aku la tu tergolong dalam kalangan 15 000.hoho.Adakah anda tergolong???

What u say?

Aku dah buat kemaskini 1 kali sebab tersalah pilih bidang(Tamhidi perubatan n Tamhidi pergigian) yang melibatkan syarat2 khas subjek yang aku tak ambik langsung iaitu Bahasa Arab Tinggi/Bahasa Arab Komunikasi.hish! speaking arab sikit2 bole la.Ma ismuka? Kaifa haluka? belajar Arab kat STF.hee~ so,so,so tinggal 2 kali peluang untuk ku mengemaskininya.Maybe akan dipertimbangkan after SPM result.Insyaallah.

Hope everything will gonna be okay. And I'm praying very hard to get the course that I applied and hope to get 'warna-warna berterbangan' in SPM soon.AMIN!Bertawakal=D Hope juga dapat 'terbang2' ke luar negara nanti.Insyaallah.

"Dan sesiapa berserah diri bulat-bulat (bertawakal) kepada Allah, maka Allah cukuplah baginya (untuk menolong dan menyelamatkannya)" (At-Thalaq:3)


Rezeki tu kau punya,
tidak mengapa.
Aku sekadar gembira atas berita itu.
Tapi aku akan dapat rezeki yang lebih hebat dari tu.
Percayalah,Allah membuat sesuatu perkara berdasarkan hikmah tertentu.
Sesungguhnya Allah berjanji untuk memberi rezeki kepada hamba-hambanya cuma yang berbeza ianya lambat atau cepat rezeki tersebut datang kepadanya.
OK Nani,La Tahzan!!!

Dari Jerantut melihat peta,
Sesat jalan malu bertanya,
Entry ini luahan semata,
Makan cili rasalah pedasnya.

07 February 2010


Entry ini didedikasikan khas buat Dynamites,old girls,teachers,kawan2,our second parent,Uncle Ise and Kak Ana and our most lovely grandfather,Sir Liew...
Presenting our coach:Sir Liew
you are the greatest coach for us!
We really miss you sir:(
   Uncle Ise and K. Ana.
Mereka banyak berkorban segalanya demi kami..
Thanks for everything!=D We miss u too!

Return To Victory atau R-2-V ditubuhkan pada tahun 2005 dalam bulan Julai/Ogos.Pada ketika itu,kitorang(0509) iaitu Haja,Alfa,Fari,Dayah,Fitri dan aku baru F1.Bila kitorang F2,Shikin join.Seniors yang ajar kitorang time tu: K.Farah,K.Oyah, K.Madie, K.Lala, K.Ikkey dan K.Huda.(0206).Sorry sebab aku memang x kenal sangat batch 0105 sbb tak pernah training dengan mereka2 ni tp maybe Haja n Alfa knl diorg sbb mereka berdua join dulu before kitorg yang lain..Yg knl pun,K.Rus.K.Azliana, K.Mai dan K.Latifah(knl nama je tp x pernah training dgn mereka)Sebab selalunya F1 akan diajar oleh F5.Tp kitorang x merasa air tangan mereka.hmmmm.

Antara seniors kami yang sangat BEST!

Before R-2-V ada, basketball team x pernah pegang title Champion for National HKSBP since 1991.Selalu kalah dengan our rivals:SSP/TKC. To short the story,R-2-V pun wujud dengan di 'koordinator'kan oleh K.Ana.Mr. Liew sebagai coach,dibantu Coach Halim.dan K.Spena.Kejayaan pun tercipta.Champion 2007 and 2008.Improvement in Basketball tournament and friendly match:) Time tu best sgt!!!!mcm2 ada.Ada team building and intensive camp.Ohhhhh.I really miss it.And I mean it.:(:( 

This is our first team building.Sgt best!!!![tears dropping jap,tak tau knp..rindu kot :( ] kat sini lah segalanya bermula.Kami mengenali antara satu sama lain.Kitorang yang agak takut dengan seniors terus respect dan sayang pada mereka. Inilah kata2 K.Ana beritahu kitorang yang aku ingat dan Dynamites ingat sampai bila2....
Disebabkan 'prinsip' tersebut kami berada di mana-mana bersama-sama.Formmate kitorang pun pernah cakap: 
'Best la tengok korang.Bila ada Nani mesti ada Hajar, Fari,Alfa,Shikin,Fitri ngan Dayah.Selalu saeng gi mana2.Kitorang ada kawan x pernah serapat ni' ;
'Korang boleh ekh panggil K.Madihah tu K.Madie?Korang boleh ekh panggil K.Hikmah tu K.Ikkey'
'Bestnye korang bole borak2 dgn K.Madie n F5 basket.Kitorang takut nak borak dgn diorang' 
kitorang memang boleh panggil diorang dengan nama2 tu sebab diorang kakak kitorang.Disebabkan pegangan FAMILY tula kitorang dapat mengenali kakak2 seniors basketball yang di'respect' satu STF.hmmm..Nanti mula la kitorang cakap pasal 'prinsip' kat atas tu...
 Sanggup seorang 'kakak' mendukung 'adik' yang tiada pertalian darah dengannya tetapi kerana kitorang FAMILY kitorang buat apa saja:)
Time team building ni la kitorang kenal hati budi masing2.
Kitorang igtkan diorang semua ni garang2 tapi mereka semua kakak terhebat!

Teamwork sgt penting dalam sebuah badan atau persatuan.Dynamites pun mesti ada teamwork.Dari team building tersebut aku belajar kerjasama amat penting utk Dynamites sebab Basketball is not only a game with skills and fundimental but it's all about teamwork!

Bukan itu je,kami juga belajar cara2 untuk memimpin.Semasa menjadi kakak Dynamites which we were in F5,kitorang belajar cara2 nak meng'handle' team.Yes,Haja was our captain and Alfa was our Vice but we divided the works equally.Ada yang jadi Ketua Ball.Ketua Disiplin,Ketua Kebersihan,Ketua First-Aid-Kit etc.Sape yang turun lambat training kena punish la.X kira la die tu form berape pun.
Of coz there were some misunderstanding between us but we manage to handle all the non-sense things with meeting.Haja akan beritahu bila nak buat meeting and most of our meeting melibatkan satu pasukan di canteen after Isya'.Kalau utk kami bertujuh, kat block pun da memadai since we stayed in the same block.Meeting is the best way to solve a problem.Got it?

Kena marah tu common la.Klu buat slh memang kena marah.You did the wrong technique,of coz kena tegur,klu x you'll make the same mistake. Dan kerana teguran dan all 'marah2' oleh Dynamites 0206,0307, dan 0408, kami menjadi Dynamites 0509 yang anda lihat.Batch kitorang prefect:aku,Dayah and Fari.Kapten Rumah Sukan:Fitri.Ketua Tingkatan:Alfa.Haja:Presiden KRS,Kapten Bola Keranjang, Shikin:Titans.See,disiplin and attitude sangat penting! Disiplin dan attitude tersebut kami garap daripada pengalaman kami as a Dynamites dan menjadikan kami seorang yang 'tough'.(Shikin tiada dalam gambar)

Imbasan Intensive Camp kami Di SMS Faris Petra sebelum Grand Final 3on3.

 Team building pun ade gak:)


 Disamping training,study juga amat ditik beratkan.No wonder ramai Dynamites excel in their studies=D


 keceriaan Dynamites apabila dapat food:)
See,tiada jurang antar juniors and seniors.
 Sori la makcik,adik2 saya memang kuat makan.:b


 Lihat,bole ngam je ngan adik2.Adik respect kakak,kakak sayang adik.Yang tua dihormati,Yang muda disayangi.Time team building group x ikut form.Campur2.Ada form 5,4,3 and 2.
PPM South Zone we are stilll the champion.National PPM 2009,kitorang x dpt retain da title of Champion..:( Sorry to all. Kalah 1 mata sangat terkesan kat kitorang.Almost 1 or 2 months utk stable everything.Mindset and mood to study.Mcm dah tak de harapan...Even after kat class pun people keep talking about PPM.Classmate kitorang yang gi support still borak2 pasal PPM. dorg pun rasa sedih and diorang still bagi support n kata2 smgt.

Kepada adik2 yang rasa2 nak sertai Dynamites,tinggi pun kaw2,badan pun tough.Sila lah melihat sendiri keajaiban menyertai pasukan bola keranjang ini.Tak semestinya nanti dapat badan mcm lelaki.Tetapi anda akan mempunyai muscle yang kuat dan badan yang sihatAggressive kat dalam court je.Kat luar feminin balik.:)
Anda akan mempelajari pelbagai erti kehidupan yang sangat bermakna di samping melatih diri anda untuk menjadi yang terbaik dalam kalangan terbaik.

Frankly speaking, time spent with Dynamites were the most sweetest time in STF. Kenangan ni semua tiada dijual di pasar malam atau di warung-warung.Tetapi ia tercipta disebabkan adanya Pasukan Bola Keranjang 'Dynamites' R-2-V. Warisan yang baik seniors  dulu2 praktikkan,kitorang teruskan dlm team,yang kurang baik jadikan sempadan.By the way nak ucap thanx to  K.Ana n Uncle Ise spent kitorang movie n mkn2 kat CS.Release tension study nak de kat SPM...=D.Thanx gak  to Auntie Ana(Mak Nadrah) spent KFC kat hostel last year:),Kak Reza(mak Nadirah) buat kek yang sedap utk kami,Dynamites!Semoga Allah membalasnya..

Maaf klu ada terkasar bahasa etc dalam entri kali ini.. Thanx all.gambar2 diambil dari ceruk2 facebook.hehehe.Last word,STAY TOUGH FOREVER!


06 February 2010

Jack,I miss it toooooo!!!

Bila tgk gambar PPM,
terigat moment kalah 1 point dgn sekolah mana ntah.
Actually,kitorang menang,luck je x de.hmmmm.
x pe2,our juniors promised to revenge back.
just wait and see. 
lawati hajar's blog:
P/S:all my PPM's pics for 2009 (cd yang SK Anis Saleha gave to all players and my thumbdrive) ade kat teacher Falisha.We discussed to make money for Dynamites but x tercapai.(selling Bookmarks etc)
It's ok laa.Klu ada masa boleh mintak kat teacher.small matter la tu.:)  nanti klu terjumpa pics PPM tu kat mana2 aku upload laaa.okaih?!


yeah!!!!akhirnya pencarian handphone berjaya!!!!
I found my fon back!!
korang tau x perasaan how a person jumpa die punya barang kesayangan,x kira la ape pun.
camtu la perasaan aku jumpa balik fon tu...Terlompat kegembiraan!!!Alhamdulillah:)

04 February 2010


korang,dgr ni....
my handphone misplaced!!!!!
tak tau nak cari mana da:(
how to contact my driving teacher?
how to contact my friends?
my sim card inside the hp.
if hp misplaced je xpe.
ni sim card misplaced gaaaakkk.wawawawa:(

03 February 2010


salam 1 Malaysia!=D
lukisan diatas adikku yg,aku amik la cantik je.ahah.
entry ni pula ditype oleh:
Che Na sdn bhd.haha.(promote diri jap padahal memang blog aku pon)haha.gambar aku time kecik2 x de pimples,muda remaja berseri2 dgn nur.ahah.ngeng.
haja samdin memintaku men'type' entry baru.

yola haja,na type la ni.korang jgn tatau amigas memang panggil aku na.:) che na kata mereka.
sepanjang berada ngan amigas,mcm2 nama aku ada.haha.amigas je tau kan?
entry ni aku nak story-mory pasal nick name amigas dan ape2 yg sewaktu dengannya lah.

act,name2 ni tertimbul pabila anak sdare fari panggil die che gha.kitorg pun menyibuk laa.nak che gak an.haha.ok2,jom kita go thru bwh ni!
meet our captain jack.we called her jack time camp kat faris.klu name che sdn bhd, che cha.:)

our vice captain,alfa.we called her che fa/pa.sound system camtu la.but slalu panggil die alfa lah.pandai budak ni.sejuk perut ibu mengandung:)
owuhhh!twin lain perut kat atas ni fari n fitri:) fari di kiri,fitri di kanan.comel kan mereka berdua ni?tapi aku lagi comel ok?masuk bakul angkat sendiri la...haha.
we called fari che gha.aku slalu panggil die kerang.sdp la name tu.die menyahut gak.kdg2 x menyahut sbb die mesti ckp mana ade kerang kat sini.hahaha.(ketawa jap tergolek2).
fitri plak,kitorg panggil che ted.aku panggil die kadang2 che ted da teddy bear.sdp an nama aku kasi?cute miut.haha.
representing dayah kechik.haha.nama che die che yah.ahah:) ni la girl ku yang byk ckp.pot pet.lantang btl suara die.masuk pidato x yah guna mic kot.haha.
ha,yang ni shikin:).baju hitam tu x yah mention kan sape?haha.kitorg panggil shikin che mat.?pelik?adela sbbnye.haha.scandal ngan sorg pak cik cagers-tuuuuut-.hahaha.

nick name sume aku da mention kan.jom gi tmpt len.haha.
owwwuuuh!time majlis pelantikan pemimpin pelajar.haja tersenyum bangga memegang jawatan kapten bola keranjang=D.
ni aku ngan fari kat pantai cahaya bulan,kelate.merehatkan minda lps training.blkg kitorg tu para dynamites terhormat.*wink2*yeehhaaa!syiok owuuhh tepi pantai.time ni gak sluar fari basah..haha.kena air laut yg masin!

presenting,alfa dan fari.kitorg nak gi KB Mall.:) time ni gak ada perkara berlaku.kitorg je gak yg tahu.hmmmm.dan tetiba bay kata die pun tahu...ok2.haha.thanx baby!

keceriaan terserlah di muka mereka.haha.fitri ngan bibir cutenye.haja steady!
ketekunan terserlah.haha.kami buat homeworks adds.owuhhh!

haja yang cunnnn dgn jersey 7 nya...our only best player!full stop.

alfa dan haja dengan dua orang pak cik cagers.ahah.
baju hitam tu justin.baju belah empat kebanggaan mereka tu luqman.:) PCB,kelantan.=D
haaa,ni kitorang ngan sisters batch 0206.di sekolah okaih!haha.terjumpa dorg so,amik gambar.warden office pun time ni len.huhu:(