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21 March 2010

Eating practice secret of Islamic academician;

Lets share what does Islamic academician eat as the saying goes 'we are what we eat'

 Honey is a very nourishment food. Al-Quran stated that honey is 'shifa' or medicine that can recover diseases. It can prevent us being stressed from working,reading,planning,thinking and meeting.

Contained good element that are needed in our body to build up blood to make sure enough oxygen is channeled to our brain. Face 'kiblat',read Bismillah and selawat 3 times followed by 'doa penerang hati.

3)Fresh milk
Milk is useful for our brain's health, sharpen our memory, supply energy for mental and physical.

It has its own benefit to strenghten our brain, body and taking care of our health.

It is effective to prevent us from neglect or forget problem.It can be eaten raw.

Effective for 'penerang hati'. Words uttered by Prophet Muhammad SAW: ' Sesiapa yang makan buah delima keseluruhannya, sesungguhnya Allah menerangkan hatinya selama 40 hari '


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