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22 March 2010

I felt the way you felt,

When I received the news yesterday,
I felt the way you felt.

Yes,it's totally hard to accept someone death
Allah loved him and took him.

We cant prevent and deny ourself from death because 
Allah has stated our death and our life partner.
He knows everything about us.
I didn't know the late Ikhwanul but as 'saudara se-Islam','family of SBP'  I type this post and I knew the feeling losing a friend.
He was the same age as mine.
When my mother bought the newspaper this morning,I quickly turn to the page 10:'Remaja pintar maut nahas'
and I took about 10 minutes to read and read and read the page.I can imagine our friend whom we spent almost 5 years at our Alma matter gone forever.What we have to do are to recite doa,yassin or al-fatihah to the late Ikhwanul.May Allah gives rahmah and grouped him in the faithful group to Allah.

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