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19 April 2010

The best choice.InsyaAllah...

   I called K. Mek Yam.She is president of SRIKANDI Tun Fatimah. She told me that it is the best choice because this university is unique.If u get other scholar,don't reject UPNM. U can do specialist. Try to be the first lady to get Jeneral. InsyaAllah...
  By the way her husband and all her sons were RMC's boys. That's why she encouraged me to go there. She had the experience with her sons:) hehe.InsyaAllah I'll try my best K.Mek=D
  Sorry I can't make it to Majlis Anugerah Tun Fatimah yesterday.The date clashed with my interview..Sorry sgt2.Thanx to bonda and all teachers that sacrificed a lot!!May Allah pay the best to all of  you!

*Gregarious and teachers, I MISS YOU!!!!!:(((

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