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13 February 2010


I'm sooo tired rite now cos I'm just come back from M**r.You know what,yesterday from Hos*ita* S****a* we(abah, Anas,my cousins n my uncle) directed to Ho*pi*ta* M**r to visit my 13 years old cousin,accident.We arrived at 12.30am.You guess what?The time to visit patient was end.Luckily the pak guard was so kind.He gave us to visit my cousin,but not all of us.2 person after another.First,my uncle and his son made their move to the ward which is Ward 5.Then,abah and I made our move.

Did you see the sign?

So,my cousin stayed at ward 5 which is at Level 2. While waiting our turn, I got to see the full vision of hospital,not to say I'm jakun or what.But I'm very impressed when I'm in the hospital.Many times I went to hospital and many times I'm charmed with the surrounding.The doctors,hospital's building and so on.Yes,it's burn my desire to become a doctor.Insyaallah.

For those who may know me, I'm friendly.Right guys? I like to smile to everybody to show my respect to them..No crazy okay?I would 'borak2' with people around me.But sometimes I'm quite shy..
So,I made an interview with the pak guard.:) I asked many questions related to hospital to him.Yeah!Uncle Mohan.I missed you.hahaha.
Uncle Mohan,busy with his works.visitors come in and come out.Pity him.He had to work 12 hours per day not adding with his OT etc.He worked from 7pm-7am.Really tired!But he said,'sudah biasa,nak buat mcm mana'. I'm like a child asking her father.Soooo many questions I asked. But,luckily he wanted to answer all my q.Thanx Uncle! Engrossed in my 'interview session',bla..bla..bla..,suddenly I saw a trolley to cause fright.
What do you think?Is it scary?ohh!It's reminded me about my death.Oh Allah,I'm not ready with that...But,anything can happen.We didn't know when our time will come.... 

Then, I asked uncle....
'Uncle,tu troli mayat ke?mana bilik mayat?'
'Ye,tu troli mayat.Ada pesakit blok sebelah mati.Blok sebelah tu untuk pesakit2 kronik mcm sakit jantung,kencing manis,darah tinggi.Bilik mayat ada kat sebelah bilik oksigen.Tu,dekat situ'
'Oh,Bilik oksigen tu untuk ape?
'Bilik tu utk supply oksigen kat ICU,Dewan Bersalin,Operation Room'
'Uncle,kat sini memang ada orang mati ekh?'
'Selalu.Utk hari ni dari pukul 7 pagi sampai 12 tengah mlm ni dah 5 org mati.'
'Lepas tu uncle,diorang tutup je ke mayat camtu?'
'Lepas tu pegawai kat ward call pegawai bilik mayat untuk ambik mayat gi bilik mayat.Dekat ward tu,mayat da siap bungkus2.Kalau mayat mati mlm,waris nak tuntut mlm tu jugak boleh.Ade jugak pesakit mati mlm esok pagi baru tuntut.Ade yang da siap mandi2 kat sini'

My curiosity level increased as I heard the story about that!I asked again and again....
'Uncle,selalunya ward mana yg byk org mati?'
'Selalunya ward sebelah sebab tu semua pesakit kronik dan ramai pesakit tua.kat situ ade jugak pesakit HIV,TIBI dan AIDS'
'Errr,uncle,kat ward ni ade tak org pernah mati?'
'Ade,ade.Org accident,operate semua ada.Tapi yang banyak ward sebelah la'  
Turn right.This is the path way to go to the ward which Uncle Mohan had explained.Many death here.
Then,we talked and chatted about my studies,his children and bla..bla... till my time to make my move arrived. 
'Okaih Uncle.saya masuk dulu!Nnt jumpa lagi!!'
 My tiring body+face after 2 hours in the car before arrived M**r + my 'not-to beauty' cloth that I wore on that day.Ye la.I like to pick any baju from my wardrobe and wear it as long it covers my whole body.Understood?I'm not the type of choosy person.hahah.:b
Then we made our move to my grand mother's house and we arrived about 3 am.ohhh,very tired and I have to wake up early in the morning.Just imagine!

Opppps,I want to remind myself and you:): 
-Remember that your death will come anytime.So,level up your iman,taqwa and all sorts of amalan in your daily life.
-Focus on your track to become what you want in the future.For me,may my dream to become a doctor and become a good muslimah will be granted.Aminnn.
-Forgive and forget.As we may not know when our time will come..Am I right?

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