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05 March 2010

The day will come;

March will be the busiest month I think.

Lets I list them down:

6 and 7 March: Driving and riding lesson

8 March : JPJ test for driving and riding.Pray for me guys.
 Im craving for P and want to be a competent driver..

11 March : SPM result will come out. Pray for an excellent result for me, Gregarious especially, STF and friends.Oh Allah,pls give me and my friends 10 A+ and 9A+ for us to pursue our study in what we yearn for.Amin...

And my mum already told me, 'Ni mesti time result kuar,bil telefon naik.Yela,contact kwn2.Nak tya result itu ini.' Im just smiled without saying any word.Cuak kot.

11 March-15 March : HKSBP(South Zone) at SAMURA. Wishing Dynamites all the best. You girls can do it!

After 15 March,

will be continued.....

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