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29 April 2010

My dream:)

Heyyyyyya,everybody got their dream rite??So,here I want to share something to you laah about my dream ni:)
After I having my jog,shower n prepare myself to online,I've been thinking about my dream.ahah:)

Let's scroll down!

InsyaAllah,I'll become a doctor soooooon.Long way to go actually...hmmm...After having some discussions with my parents on the way home,my dad said to me to focus on the right track.That's mean I have to focus 100% with my medical studies since I will facing a very tough2 life in upnm soooonnn.InsyaAllah.

My parents also said if u got a doctor as your partner life,it's verryyy good since you'll understand each other:) hehe.I'm just smile with a big grin=D May I get a doctor as my soul mate...amin..

Then,I dream to have a big house in an elite area/in a peaceful housing area. Bungalow,of course! I'll decorate my house and will call a professional architect/interior designer =) So,if we have family gathering,my house will be listed as the best place to spare time together! My bungalow surely looked WOW!

Next,I dream to have Toyota Vios as my car after I graduate.My big dream! After all and I have my own family,I'll bought a big car@Hyundai Tucson@Toyota Fortuner.This car below just an example.I dislike white.I prefer gold/black maybe..

Then, I dream to have 4 or more cute kids of mine:) InsyaAllah..

So,that's all for my post today.hahaha.
Big dream, for an excellence people!So lets dream n work hard towards it:)

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