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01 May 2010

May it's the best path

I confirmed it and it was my  final decision!
May Allah show me the best path and make me a pious person in this world and my life hereafter.InsyaAllah.Come on girl,you're strong !!Face it tough okay!

So todayyy I followed my parents to 2 wedding ceremonies!Im fulled with super delicious food!ahah:b
BMI not over yet:b
There, I met my mom's friend whose a counselor in her school.Mrs Shida.She wished me congrats for getting upnm and said to me 'Wah,awak yg pergi,cikgu plak rasa seronok! Bakal doctor ni.Kat sana nnt jgn jeling2.' Im not understand what does it mean by jeling2.I thought it was like 'buat muka ke ape ke'.(STF punya words)Ohhh then she explained,tackle rupanya.haha.No la.I will put my pride as my first priority there.InsyaAllah.By the way, her husband is also a military officer(captain).
I met Mrs Aishah too whose my kindergarten teacher:)

I have to make sure Im physically and mentally fit!Get ready for getting 'black' face again. Haha. Muka baru nak putih after habis basketball etc and I have to sacrifice my face again.Its okay lah!

The most most important thing is pray hard to Allah because Allah hear us.Allah is always beside us!:) Not to forget to pray to Allah to make us a strong people based on Islamic law,faith and Islam.Pray n continuously pray. :))))
Excellence people have strong mind and they will stand still until the end of their journey;

Onlining at kg.The line is too slow like siput but siput lagi laju laa:(

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