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08 April 2010

The road not taken.

OK fine,I've been chosen to attend upnm's interview(asasi perubatan prtahanan).syukur2.
but,when my mind start thinking negative thought,I can't do anything.adoi!
evrytime I'll think if I fail this interview,if this,if that....I'll neutralize back my thought back to positive.haa.

At the same time many private college / university that I've registered via online.Medic Mesir,MSU,ACMS and some I couldn't in health science at MSU.bachelor in medicine in Uni Alexendria.Pre-medic in ACMS.Just me myself decide my own path...Oh Allah..

My parents asked me not to go to Mesir because they will cry(ala2 homesick la kononnya).Beside I'm her eldest children(sulung).I said to them, why others can go oversea?I saw there are girls pursue their studies abroad.Why I can't??? Then my parents said,you can study abroad when you want to do master/PhD.At that moment you are more matured. At the age of 18,you are not so matured.haaa.If anything happen to you,we can visit you...See,some of the reason why I cant study oversea for my degree..wawawawa:'((((( 

Frankly speaking,I dont know much about navy/army.Adoi!!!Ya Allah,help me.Hope to meet new ppls and friends there.Fari said,welcome back to fitness world! My parents said,welcome back to disciplinary world.hoho.Doctor in army's place.Tak pernah terlintas.Dan ini rezekiNya.

Btw,'terharu' with my friend's post.Bay , I'll make it for US.InsyaAllah...Dilah Takiuddin ,thank you for the support dear:) Allah knows everything and He is always beside us.
To all my friends,thank you very much for your support!!I'll bring it there!ILYDM!da~

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