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02 April 2010

Where there's a will there's a way.

When somebody walked in your life and left footsteps deep in your heart you couldn't imagine how it felt. Yes, friends come and go.But it's not simply go,the pain is totally felt inside.Hold my hand my friend!

Allah had stated our pathway of this beautiful life. Our friends may not go through the same path as we are,but the friendship will firmly remembered. We created the path ourself towards 'keredaan' Allah itself. InsyaAllah:)

Yes,I created the path and Allah gave me guidance toward my desire to become 'somebody' soon.InsyaAllah.My parents looked agree with my choice even they seems hard to let me go.Duhhhh!
My aunt gave me encouragement to choose the path.InsyaAllah,Allah make my path easier....

Along the journey,I found some new friends.hehehe.Adilah,Syamim,Syab,Fatin and many more to be mentioned laah!Thanks Allah for giving me chances to know them as my friend!Alhamdulillah...

"Dilah,Istikharoh itu terbaiiiiikkkkkk!" I like your word:Terbaaaaaikkkkk! hehe.Thanx for sharing my problems,your problem.hehehe.Ongkosnya mana ya?haha.Thanx to accompanying me every night.almost 4 nights I think.InsyaAllah,towards muslimah and pious doctor soon yeah daling?!

Hey Syamim,you ni suddenly 'usha2' cheq pasal?haha.(perasan sat).Btw,congratulation for your wedding lah.Practise makes perfect right? Hahaha.

My Amigas and Gregs,Congratulation for all that we have been through in our alma matter.Now,we will move to the new beginning of life that will surely not same! The choice is yours!InsyaAllah we will be 'somebody' soon.The first woman ke, Dato' ke,Prof ke,who knows rite?Girls can do anything!

Mission incomplete.Wait for the next chapter.Pray for me guys out there:)))

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